When I found out I was going to have a baby girl, something inside me trembled at the thought of having to protect her. How would I be able to protect her from everything? Always?

In the forest

I couldn’t. So I just had to get her ready to do it herself. That’s a huge decision that comes with implications. I would have to let her climb and fall, and let her stand up alone, let her cry, let her learn how to ask for help, defend herself, be bossy, have thick skin, don’t let anyone put her down, believe in herself…

Whenever she shows me how resilient she is, I know l am doing something right. But the feeling of teaching is not half as good as of learning when you least expect it.

She taught me she is sensitive, feminine, shy, sweet, loveable, she loves pink and, still, she has leadership skills!

She showed me that she doesn’t have to choose a cowboy dress-up over a princess in Halloween to be open minded, confident, resilient, and strong.

She showed me she doesn’t have to lead many kids at once, but she can lead a smaller number that is willing to hear a lower tone of voice to listen to good ideas, funny jokes and a beautiful song.

She showed me I taught her how important it is to be strong. But that didn’t matter as much because she showed me she didn’t have to stop being soft to be all that.

My princess