My career has built up to where it is now according to the following timeline.

English Teacher

After two years in high school in the US, I got my first job. The school coordinator was a mentor who taught me to focus on the customers: adaptation of each lesson to the needs and preferences of students. I fell in love with the art of teaching.


Software Developer

As a student in Computer Science, a common practice in Brazil was to start early with an internship. That was the first contact with programming that gave me the fulfillment of creating something useful out of an idea.


Research Assistant

As I advanced in Computer Science courses, I pursued an unknown territory. Academic research in User Experience, exploring ideas with end-users, taught me that within my methodical personality, it was possible to be creative and innovative.


System Analyst

Consulting to different industries brought me a more dynamic experience, when I deepened my knowledge in software analysis and design, and learned to quickly adjust to varying customers' expectations.


PhD Research Assistant

Almost 30 scientific publications, presentations in conferences and collaboration with renowned researchers helped build my knowledge in User-Centered Design and Business Process Management.


IBM PhD Fellowship Award

I had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center on interactive design and business process management.


Information System Business Analyst

Happy to start applying what I had learned during my PhD about business process management.

2010 ~ Today

Parent Volunteer

I played board games with kids, along with my son, in pre-school to instill math and social skills. Their immediate and honest feedback has taught me to be succinct.


Data Science Certificate

I learned to develop statistical graphical reports with consolidated views to monitor and improve processes.


IT Consultant Volunteer

I gathered user needs and designed the user experience of an application for the neighborhood’s annual flea market. Working with technology-novice customers demonstrated the need to adapt techniques to better understand their needs.


Information System Business Analyst

The practice of analyzing business process and applying process improvement cycles pulls me into an ongoing improvement mindset.

2010 ~ Today